About Us

Every woman wants to feel beautiful.

Every woman should have access to all things to make her feel beautiful. This is the goal of Pure Translucent. I want to bring you all of the products known to wo(man) so that you can make your choice of what the world has to offer.

Treat Yourself.

Pure Translucent was created with this in mind. Pure Translucent will be your one stop shop for
the latest in makeup, hair and skin care, and every sort of beauty and wellness products that exist.

What makes Pure Translucent unique 

We believe in the beauty of all women. All of our differences in color, facial characteristics, shapes, and types makes inherent to the world a kaleidoscope of gems scattered over the globe, glistening and sparkling.

My name is Melody and I did not seriously think about beauty and makeup and all that sort of thing until a late age; in my forties. But when I did, I was amazed at all the sorts of things available to me.

I have gathered all things luxurious and wonderful for you to choose from. I want you to be informed and know and have access to all the beauty cosmetics the world has to offer.

Take this journey with me to find the common sense and the fantastical beauty products out there. You and I both know you’re beautiful…let’s make you even better!


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